When you unpack the gloves

  • First of all remove gently the plastic foil from the latex, so you don’t damage the foam.
  • *TIP: Try to put the gloves under water, in this case the foil will separate from the latex and you can remove it easier!

Before the first use

  • Wash the gloves under clear, running water or in a sink (water should be lukewarm).
  • Rub the hands and press them together to squeeze any residual soap from the manufacturing process out of the foam!
  • Then let them dry freely on a hanger (avoid sun and hot radiator!).
  • *NOTE: It’s normal for the gloves to lose a bit of grip after the initial wash. The full grip will only develop after they have been used 1 or 2 times, ideally in training.

Glove care on a daily basis:

1: Before every training:

Put just a bit of water on your gloves 10 minutes before training or match
(maybe the gloves are still a bit wet from the previous days wash so you can skip this).

2: After every training

  • Gloves should be cleaned after each use as soon as possible
  • Wash your gloves in hands! (Do not use any machine!)
  • Soak gloves with lukewarm water and leave them for 5-10 minutes
  • Try to take out all dirt, grass, rubber of artificial grass
  • Squeeze the gloves and let them dry freely on a hanger (avoid sun or hot radiator!)

Gloves will treat you as you treat them!